Lead Carbon

Lead Carbon BatteriesLead Carbon batteries are an advance in absorbed glass matt (AGM) and Gel battery technologies. Formerly AGM and Gel batteries were unable to sustain long term performance due to build up of sulphates on the negative electrode. New Lead Carbon batteries solve this problem by adding carbon to the negative electrode giving the batteries a huge gain in both the amount of cycles each battery can endure and resilience in case of over discharge. In fact, at 100% depth of discharge they are still capable of doing 1500 cycles with 3600 cycles at 50% discharge.

Although they are a relatively new technology, and only time will tell, the results of the testing that has been done look very promising for energy storage on the Island.

Lead Carbon cost example

Just two of these batteries are used in many low end 12V systems, but the usual amount in a small household is at least four.


8 x 6V Narada batteries.



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