Waste Disposal

Claris LandfillWaste disposal on the Island can be a problem and people are encouraged to be conscious of the waste they create and where it goes. Almost all the Island uses council rubbish facilities and collection for their waste and full rubbish and recycling facilities are available at Port Fitzroy Wharf, Whangaparapara Wharf, Tryphena Wharf, and near the airport in Claris.

Recycling only facilities are available at Okiwi, Motairehe, Kawa, Okupu, Medlands, Pururi bay, and Mulberry Grove. All these facilities have separate bottle, tin can, household plastic, and cardboard bins and people are encouraged to separate their rubbish for recycling to cut down on waste going into the Claris Landfill. There is also a roadside rubbish collection for much of the Island on Monday mornings.

Households on the Island also recycle their own waste, especially vegetable and edible waste, with 75% of the island composting, 25% feeding edible waste to chickens and pigs, and over 20% disposing of some of their waste in worm farms.

Recycling only facilities


Corner of Kawa and Motairehe road.


Corner of Medland Road and Oruawharo Lane.


Across the road from the playground at Motairehe.

Mulberry Grove

Halfway between the shops and the school.


Aotea Rd, across and just up the road from the school.


1.7km from the start of Blind Bay Road.

Pururi Bay

1.7km from the start of Pururi Bay Road.

Rubbish and Recycling facilities


Opposite the Auckland City Council on Hector Sanderson road.

Port Fitzroy Wharf

Near the wharf on Kaiaraara Bay Road.

Tryphena Wharf

100m before the Wharf on Shoal Bay Road.

Whangaparapara Wharf

Behind the shed at Whangaparapara Wharf

Claris Landfill

Claris Landfill

70 Grey Road.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:




Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and public holidays:


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