Case Study – Batteries

BatteriesMount St. Paul Estate is a Lodge providing high end accommodation. It needs a robust system to cope with the varying uses of its guests and to support a large infrastructure including a freezer and two fridges running continuously and items such as a microwave, washer, and dishwasher during peak solar hours. Its 48volt power system consists of two Outback Inverters 2 VFX 3048E set in parallel supporting 15 x 80 watt solar panels, a 2.7KW array. There are 24 two volt 8TZS 1240 Hawker flooded lead acid batteries to hold the energy generated.

The solar panels generate 12-14 KW hours per day (sunny days) and the batteries have 30 KW hours at half discharge – 50% DOD. This provides 6KW of continuous power which is important with demands varying on occupancy. Batteries are equalized monthly to ensure they function at optimum and they should last 8-10 years.

The battery bank supports most usage in off daylight hours but the draw is limited pre-dawn and post sunset.

During the peak season generator power is used if guests use items such as hair dryers, hot irons, or if electric ovens are used for large catering events.

This is a powerful system with ample battery storage that runs the lodge with minimal generator use supporting a top end accommodation provider.



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Last updated on the 06-04-2020