Case Study – Solar Panels

This family of five live on Great Barrier Island all year round and they adopt a “sensible usage” approach to power consumption. The household runs a low energy fridge freezer, an electric chest freezer, a low energy low water usage washing machine and other electrical items such as a slow cooker. Increasing the number of solar panels hugely changed the amount of energy collected and reduced on fossil fuels.

They ran their system with eight L16 deep cycle batteries and a myriad of panels that had been added to over the years totalling 1,300w. Whilst in summer this system was adequate, poor winter weather and lower sunshine hours necessitated running the generator on at least a weekly basis at a cost of $60 a time. They installed nine 250w solar panels, replaced their 10 year old battery bank and since installation 12 months ago they have had to run their generator only 3 times.

The cost of solar panels has plummeted in recent years making it an easy decision to increase the size of your power system, pay back – in this instance – for the panels alone was less than 2 and a half years. The added benefit is not having to run a generator that creates noise and air pollution.

– Orla, Medlands Beach

Case Study 1-Solar Panels


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