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Sean McCarthy

  • Current Work Portfolio
  • Owner/director of Promac Projects Ltd, a contracting and GBIs based project management business
  • Owner/director of Claris Centre Ltd, the small commercial centre in mid Island
  • Trustee: AoteaOra Community Trust

Skill Set

  • Business initiator
  • Successful business manager
  • Business partnerships
  • Project management

Commercial/Community Career

  • Founding member of the Waiheke fishing Co-operative
  • Pioneer of the Ikijime export snapper industry and live fish export industry
  • Island resident for 30 years since moving from Waiheke
  • 2003-2007 as owner/operator of Stray Possum Lodge on GBIs, a tourism/hospitality venture catering to large groups, individuals and the need for accommodation, entertainment and dining venues on GBIs.
  • Former owner/operator as part of the Gt Barrier Long Line Fleet
  • Owned and ran a waterfront hospitality business
  • Creation of Coles Equipment Ltd on Great Barrier Island. Ten years spent as 50% owner and director. Coles Equipment became the largest contracting company, employer and business on Great Barrier Island with particular emphasis on supply chain logistics to business in remote areas.

Academic Qualifications

  • Coastal Masters