With the Island trying to retain its clean green characteristic and with most goods arriving from off Island, waste is becoming an ever increasing concern. The Claris Landfill is finite, returning solid waste to the mainland expensive, and decreasing water quality in some of the more populated areas is of concern with swimming at Tryphena being banned at one point during summer due to high E-coli levels. This was most probably caused by the incorrect treatment and dispersal of black and grey water from older septic systems, although this is still being investigated.

In concert with the community the Local Board is working to combat these issues with a Waste Minimisation fund, Waste minimisation facilitator, and a focus on the reduction of waste on the Island. Many of the residents and businesses are also taking steps to either reduce waste, reuse it, or recycle it. Another major initiative will be the recycling of all the Island’s cardboard at a worm farm/compost site in Claris. Worm farms are particularly well suited to the Island in that they can take biodegradable waste and quickly change it into usable worm casings (vermicast) for gardening and general fertilisation. As a solution to septic tanks, vermiculture septic systems can also be used for the treatment of black and grey water.

This still leaves the problem of dealing with the waste disposal of the Island and eventually either creating a new landfill or transporting it back to the mainland.

Last updated on the 06-04-2020