Case Study – Vermiculture Septic Waste

A Biolytix system was retrospectively installed to replace an Aquatron composting toilet system and separate grey water filtering tanks which were hands on maintenance and had started to fail. The owner chose this worm based composting system as an environmentally friendly and efficient system. With the benefit of gravity available at this property the system requires no power whatsoever to operate. Using worms and other organisms this system filters both black and grey water with the filtered water being directed through the existing underground drainage system. The system can be left for periods without being used, worm eggs can last for a long time and will hatch when the system is activated again. An annual service is all that is required. The system is completely silent and there is no odour, the product is made in New Zealand from 100% recycled materials.

– Judy, Windy Hill

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Last updated on the 06-04-2020