Case Study – Worm Farm

On Great Barrier Island we are dedicated to reducing the amount of waste we send to the landfill. We have a number of new and exciting initiatives happening.
One enthusiastic environmentalist, Annette Alison has just taken over the council contract for dealing with waste cardboard and paper. Cardboard makes up 25% of our weekly roadside collection. Annette has all the cardboard delivered to her property and she is using the cardboard to improve her soil, to mulch her vegetables and fruit trees and to create a giant worm farm. Annette says that cardboard is a fantastic resource and she is delighted with the improvement in the quality of her soil.

Next time you are recycling your cardboard please think of Annette and remove the plastic tape and stickers.

Worm farms have been installed in all the campgrounds and there is also a large worm farm at the community gardens at Medlands. Food scraps are an amazing resource and can be used at home with worm farms, Bokashi bins or alternatively there is probably someone in your neighbourhood that would love your scraps to feed an animal.


Wastewise Facilitator

Wastewise Facilitator

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Last updated on the 06-04-2020