Composting Toilets

Composting ToiletA composting toilet is a well ventilated container that provides optimum conditions for the waste to turn into compost. They are an established technology and have been in use for over thirty years. Waste is mixed with an organic material such as sawdust to enhance the conditions for micro organisms, there is little water used outside of the content of the faecal matter and urine, and the end result should be a fairly dry hummus twenty to thirty percent the size of the original volume.

They don’t require water for flushing, most have a low power consumption, the compost can be used to fertilize non edible gardens, they can accept other forms of household vegetable waste, and providing they are used properly and the waste is fully biodegraded they can reduce the amount of pathogens discharged into the environment.

A composting toilet must be appropriately used and maintained over the long term, they require more maintenance than a conventional system, removing the final product can be unpleasant, and improper maintenance can lead to odours. They also prefer regular usage instead of short term large scale usage so smaller units may not be viable for holiday homes.

The problem with these systems is that they do not all comply with the rules of TP58 (page 118). You still need to install a waste water disposal system for the grey water so having a composting toilet won’t necessarily be the cheaper option overall. You are not permitted to remove any untreated waste or to expose raw sewerage. Again all waste from the system should be buried.


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