Solar Water Heating

SolarWater-compressorSolar water heating uses the suns energy to heat the water in collector panels which is then stored in the hot water tank. This is used by 20% of households on Great Barrier Island as their primary form of water heating and with an average of 2100 sunshine hours each year (higher than Auckland) this is a credible financial option for high water users on the Island. During winter, as the sunshine hours drop, it is necessary to pair a solar water heater with a backup system such as a wetback or LPG califont.

The benefits of solar water heating are dependent on the amount of sunshine a household gets and the initial cost can be quite high, especially when the required backup system is factored in. Once set up though they ensure cheap hot water throughout the summer months as well as through much of the rest of the year. A well insulated hot water tank is also a must as the longer the water can remain heated the more efficient the system becomes.

Solar Water Heating cost example

Solar water installations require consent. Ask your plumber or contact the Auckland Council.

Solar Hart

A solar water heater.



Piping and connections to the hot water cylinder.



Each installation will be different.


Total Cost

Including GST.



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